Who am I?

I am Thirza, lovely and charming is my name. This is about who I thought I was, how I kept falling, until I couldn’t help but take my own hand and learn to stand, for myself.

As a little girl I grew up among the rich colors of flowers, sea turtles, iguanas and parrots on Bonaire. Partly because of this, a strong intuition and a source of creativity developed early on. Since I can remember I hear what is not being said, I know what I should not know and I talk to animals.

Living with these gifts has not always been easy, for years I repressed it and tried to numb it in every possible way.

Until I got to the point where I could see that I could choose to destroy or heal myself. I then did everything I could to get in touch and learn to embrace myself.

This has been a long journey through different parts of my soul. That’s why I choose the name reizende ziel which means traveling soul in Dutch. A journey that never stops and where several people can always travel along and show what I can go through again myself.